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Immerse Yourself into
Our Dynamic Learning Environment

Our immersive learning environment, led by passionate native-speaking instructors, is designed to help you learn Spanish from the very beginning. Through personalized attention, comprehensive resources, and engaging conversations, you’ll be able to achieve fluency and cultural awareness in no time.

Spanish Language

Immerse Yourself into Our Dynamic Learning Environment

Fun and engaging learning environmen

We believe in providing a fun and engaging learning environment. Our classes are designed to allow students to speak Spanish from the very first day. 

CEFRL Levels

Our offer follows the language proficiency levels and contents defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), focusing on levels A1 through B2, with the possibility of offering C1 and C2 levels if needed. 

Conversational exchange with native Spanish speakers

As part of our offer, we include conversational exchanges with native speakers of Spanish in Bogota to allow students to practice their speaking skills with native speakers. 

Comprehensive learning system

We combine proven education methods with IT tools. Our classes are designed to provide a gradual progression from novice to advanced. 

Customized Spanish language courses

We can adapt our program to the needs and demands of your school

Native-speaking instructors

Our courses are taught by native-speaking instructors who offer personalized attention and support. 

Online Language & Cultural Exchange Program

Practice Spanish with native speakers and enhance cultural awareness

The second most spoken language in the USA, with over 40 million native speakers in the country and over 12 million who speak it as a second or foreign language.

Perfect for schools Extracurricular Activity

Opportunity for an extracurricular activity to enhance cultural awareness 

A unique learning experience

Blends language education with cultural immersion. Our conversational exchange program allows learners to practice their Spanish speaking skills with native speakers from Colombia in a fun and interactive way. 

Personalized matching process

Students are profiled according to their age, language level, and general interests to make a match with their Spanish-speaking partners. 

More fluency

By participating in our program, your students will develop their language proficiency and gain confidence in their ability to communicate in Spanish. 

Hear Our Students' Testimonials

At Globalia Language School, we are committed to providing our students with high-quality language education and cultural immersion experiences. 

But don’t just take our word for it – hear from some of our students!

 – Anne, 9th-grade student.
– Anne, 9th-grade student.
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"The conversational exchange program was an amazing opportunity to practice my Spanish with native speakers and learn more about the culture. I improved my communication skills and made new friends from Colombia!"
Tom Brown
Tom Brown
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"Globalia Language School's system helped me progress from a novice to an advanced level in Spanish. The activities used in the classes made learning fun and interactive. I am now confident in speaking and understanding Spanish."
Audrey Smith
Audrey Smith
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"One of my favorite activities during the week is learning Spanish and then practicing with my mom".
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Unlock the Language Advantage: Enhance Your School's Curriculum with Globalia Language School

Virtual Spanish Education
for a Brighter Future

As a leading provider of virtual Spanish education, we offer schools in the United States a unique opportunity to enhance their curriculum with our immersive and dynamic language programs. We aim to empower students with the language skills and cultural understanding needed to thrive in an interconnected world. 

With our virtual platform, experienced native Spanish-speaking instructors and tailored curriculum, we provide a seamless and engaging extracurricular option. Add value to your school’s educational offer and give your students the language advantage they need for a brighter future.