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At Globalia, we are committed to enhancing your school’s educational program by offering high-quality language learning services. Our extracurricular Spanish courses, taught by native-speaking instructors, provide your students with an immersive and enjoyable learning experience. Through our personalized approach and interactive educational platform, your students will develop strong language skills and gain a deeper cultural understanding. Expand your students’ opportunities, and contact us today to explore how we can collaborate!

Spanish Program Outsourcing

Enrich your school's Spanish offer with our programs

Maximize language learning by combining curriculum with optional participation in Spanish clubs featuring conversational exchange programs.

Academic experts collaborate with your school to design or adjust the Spanish program to fit your specific needs.

Suitable for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

Placement test to assess students' Spanish proficiency level.

Qualified native teachers deliver online classes, ensuring high-quality instruction.

Participation in Spanish clubs with a conversational exchange program.

Streamlined administrative support with progress reports and grades that integrates seamlessly with your school's processes.

Extracurricular Spanish Outsourcing

Expand your students’ opportunities while fostering connections

Improve your students' extracurricular activities with Spanish courses tailored to their levels and ages.

Offer Spanish courses as exciting extracurricular activities for your students.

Placement test to group students homogeneously based on their level and age

Engage students in Spanish clubs with our conversational exchange program, fostering authentic language practice.

Hear Our Students' Testimonials

At Globalia Language School, we are committed to providing our students with high-quality language education and cultural immersion experiences. 

But don’t just take our word for it – hear from some of our students!

 – Anne, 9th-grade student.
– Anne, 9th-grade student.
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"The conversational exchange program was an amazing opportunity to practice my Spanish with native speakers and learn more about the culture. I improved my communication skills and made new friends from Colombia!"
Tom Brown
Tom Brown
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"Globalia Language School's system helped me progress from a novice to an advanced level in Spanish. The activities used in the classes made learning fun and interactive. I am now confident in speaking and understanding Spanish."
Audrey Smith
Audrey Smith
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"One of my favorite activities during the week is learning Spanish and then practicing with my mom".
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Unlock the Language Advantage: Enhance Your School's Curriculum with Globalia Language School

Virtual Spanish Education
for a Brighter Future

As a leading provider of virtual Spanish education, we offer schools in the United States a unique opportunity to enhance their curriculum with our immersive and dynamic language programs. We aim to empower students with the language skills and cultural understanding needed to thrive in an interconnected world. 

With our virtual platform, experienced native Spanish-speaking instructors and tailored curriculum, we provide a seamless and engaging extracurricular option. Add value to your school’s educational offer and give your students the language advantage they need for a brighter future.