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Unlock a thriving future for your students in an interconnected world with our interactive and immersive Spanish classes, led by native Spanish-speaking instructors. Enhance their essential language skills and cultural understanding, empowering them for success. Step into a world of possibilities with us today!

Our customized, didactic and enjoyable classes will facilitate your child's language learning process.

The programs offers 100% one-on-one tuition. We focus on the student’s interests and needs.

We offer 4 levels of Spanish:


Children who have not had significant contact with the language


Students with a basic vocabulary who can answer simple questions about themselves


Children that are able to interact in basic conversations

B1 & B2

Students looking for real-life interaction both spoken and written

Support your child's development by bringing Spanish language into their lives.


Online sessions with native teachers

Extracurricular activities to reinforce the process

*One or two 30 to 60-minute one-on-one lessons per week, depending on the student’s age and attention span.

*Self-learning tasks

Your child will develop the four main communicative skills during the process:





Encourage your child to learn Spanish through our entertaining, enjoyable and challenging lessons.





Writing Exercises





Writing Exercises

Enroll your child in our Spanish classes for native English speakers now!

Our students enjoy the educational and quality environment offered by our Spanish courses.

One 60-minute lesson

$ 20.00

€ 19.00

£ 16.00

$ 28.00

$ 27.00

Four lessons per month

$ 80.00

€ 76.00

£ 64.00

$ 112.00

$ 104.00


Check out the opinions of students who have already witnessed the effectiveness of our Spanish courses.

Carolina Williams
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"I´m so proud of my daughter! She has been learning Spanish for over 2 months and I´m happy that she's starting to talk with my family in my mother tongue".
Tom Brown
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"Miss López is the best teacher. Everytime we have class, she creates games and activities according to the things I really like".
Audrey Smith
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"One of my favorite activities during the week is learning Spanish and then practicing with my mom".
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Popularity of Spanish: How important is it for the kids to learn Spanish

Popularity of Spanish: How important is it for the kids to learn Spanish

Being among the list of major spoken languages in the world, Spanish…

Children with Spanish-speaking parents must learn to speak Spanish well

Children with Spanish-speaking parents must learn to speak Spanish well

Taking good advantage of the child’s early developmental years opens endless opportunities…

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